The ultimate buying guide fur accessories: Jackets, coats, and headbands

Fabulous Jackets are a necessary piece that helps complete a wardrobe for women. They serve the double purpose of keeping you warm from the cold winds and most importantly make you look elegant and gorgeous. 

This is a quick guide since choosing a fur coat type to buy can be a daunting task.


Sable is one of the most luxurious products behind its rich cultural history and tradition. Jackie Kennedy’s worst coat suffered in the inauguration of President Kennedy. Sable jacket has long been worn by the Russian royal family as a way to differentiate themselves from the public at excessive costs. Sable furs on Russian royal shoulders adorned with beautiful diamonds, gold and full silver.

The famous Canadian sable used in fashion houses around the world. The Chinese and Japanese sable furs are of the lowest quality.


Fur mink was also born in Russia. It is derived from the mink body hair, a kind of weasel. What sets this particular fur apart from all other types is that the mink body hair is exactly the same length. It is surprising to see this fur because the different lengths of hair have no contrast and soft feel. It consists entirely of proportionate hair. Online fur shop is most suitable for searching a variety of items like jackets, coats, capes etc. with cool and elegant look.


Fox fur accessories has been treated and valued in all major European countries over the last few centuries. They say it means luxury, luxury, luxury. Fox headbands are available for common people and are often used by fashion designers. For fox fur, there are countless color choices. The color choices range from pure white to black, depending on the customer’s preference. Wearing this fur has exciting elegance.

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